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About SimpleSell SMS

SMS texts have a whopping 98% open rate — compared to just 20% for emails — with 90% of messages read within 3 minutes.

Our affordable pay-as-you-go SMS platform makes it easy to create and manage campaigns. Register a unique sender ID that identifies your organisation so customers can know that the message came from you!

Link your account with M-pesa to build your contacts list directly from payments received or import your contacts from your Google account.


Personalised Texts

Personalise outgoing texts with recipient information e.g. recipient's name in greeting, amount due in bill etc.

Schedule Messages

Get your message delivered at the perfect time. Schedule your holiday message before closing for the holidays!

Detailed Reports

See which messages were delivered, which failed and why. Automatically clean up contacts list on failure and opt-out.

Highly Affordable

KES0.70/SMS (Kenya). Get started with no setup/maintenance fees. Custom sender ID available.


Pay-as-you-go at KES0.70 (Kenya) per SMS

Optional M-pesa integration atKES0.70
per new contact added

Optional custom sender ID
at KES7,000 per network
(e.g. KES14,000 for Safaricom + Airtel)

No setup fees

No monthly charges

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Frequently Ask Questions

or fill in the registration form and provide us with your name, valid email address and mobile number and the business/organisation's name. The business/organisation's name will be included at the start of every message you send out unless you register for a dedicated sender ID.

You will be required to prove that the business/organisation is yours to use by either:

  1. providing a copy of your business/organisation registration certificate or
  2. posting some content we will provide you with on your business/organisation's active social media page

Bulk SMS is a sensitive platform and must be used responsibly. Consequently, we are expected by the regulatory authorities to know who we allow onto our platform. Also, in the event of the platform being abused in a manner that violates the law, we need to be able to provide information on the violator to the relevant authorities.

You can send text messages to recipients in Kenya through our shared sender ID or your own dedicated sender ID.

We also support Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. You will need to have your own dedicated sender ID for these countries.

  1. Register for an account with us. Account registration is free but you can pay to get a dedicated sender ID that identifies your business/organisation.
  2. Log in to set up your contacts list. See the steps below or to help you with this. You will only need to do this once or when your contacts change.
  3. Go to the billing page and purchase tokens for the number of text messages you wish to send. You will need 1 token per contact per text.
  4. Compose your message, select the target contacts list and schedule your message.
  5. Start the SMS campaign and wait for the delivery reports to come in.
  1. Log into your account. You can enter your contacts one at a time or import your contacts into your addressbook from another source.
  2. If you have your contacts saved in your Google account, see our guide on importing from Google Contacts. The file generated by Google is already in the required format for import.
  3. You can link up your account with your M-pesa Paybill or Till to automatically update your contacts list when a new payment is received. with us to enable this feature.
  4. If any of this seems daunting, for assistance.

If you are using a mobile phone linked to a Google account, see our guide on importing from Google Contacts.

An Android app is available on the Google Play Store, but you can send text messages with just a smartphone or computer with a web browser and an internet connection.

Yes. We will show you what messages were sent, how many were delivered and how many failed. Where possible, we also provide you with an explanation of why some messages failed.

Your account is password protected to restrict access to your information. Also, all information is encrypted during transmission. Additionally, your information is backed up daily to mitigate against loss.

You need to purchase tokens via M-pesa that can be redeemed for text messages. Sign in and visit the billing page to purchase tokens.

Yes. You can send messages immedately or schedule them to be sent at a time/date of your choosing.

Fit n Fab World
I love that you can view delivery report after a campaign!
Six Ideas
A great way to keep in touch with my customers!
Bovic Enterprises
Very convenient and easy to use!
Dear Sugar
So much easier to communicate special offers!
Lipa Solutions
The backbone of my business!
Simple PABX
I can always keep my clients up to date on any ongoing maintenance work!

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